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Seoul Sausage on ‘The Great Food Truck Race’: Finale Recap

This is it. The grand finale of the Great American Food Truck Race. Three girls from Jersey versus three dudes from Cali. From the star-studded streets of L.A. to the cobblestone streets of Beantown, grandma better watch out ‘cus’ Seoul Sausage be hittin’ Boston wicked hard.

With $500 in seed money, our sausage boys decide to go with their tried and true money-making menu: burgers and fried balls. They set up shop in the heart of Boston, on bustling Newbury Street. As the crowd gathers, Ted mounts the front of the beloved black-and-white food truck and calls to the fine people of New England to feast upon his fiery fried balls. With the sun shining off his aviators, Ted looks cooler than a Korean cucumber. No one can resist as he hands out high-fives to an unprecedented line of customers. With his irresistible charm, who wouldn’t want to order something from right said Ted?

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