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Kristalbelli, first restaurant venture by Korean music mogul J.Y. Park, aims to attract trendsetting crowd
NY Daily News

Kristalbelli, a self-proclaimed “high-end Korean barbecue restaurant,” is tucked into the heart of Manhattan just a few blocks north of the city’s designated “Koreatown” and is part lounge, part restaurant – and all taste.

“We wanted to introduce Korean food in a very hip and edgy way where the trendsetters of New York can come and enjoy good food and have a good time,” founder and Korean music mogul J.Y. Park told the Daily News of the eatery.

“We also wanted to make this a networking place, where people who really care about culture can come together.”

Split between two levels – a restaurant featuring crystal barbecue grills on each table downstairs and a pulsing bar and lounge upstairs – Kristalbelli boasts the culinary prowess of David Shim, who has worked the kitchens of such NYC staples as L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon and Gramercy Tavern.

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